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Discover Canada lies exposed

I got seriously fascinated with this speech of John Diefenbaker: "I am a Canadian, a free Canadian..."

As I am a relatively new Canadian, I came across this quote just recently. I can't really remember how, but it was literally just a few days ago. And it resonated so well with me that I learned it almost like a prayer.

And since I only got my Canadian citizenship last year, I asked myself, "Was this quote in that book that I studied before the citizenship exam?"

It would be such a sad omission if that quote wouldn't be included in the book, isn't it?

So I downloaded the "Discover Canada" guide PDF again (from the website, mind you), and I read through it again. This is that book title page. And yes, on page 66, I found this quote. And, o boy, there is a problem...

But first, listen to the original of the speech. Listen carefully here, just the beginning:

And now, compare this with the quote as shown in the book that every new immigrant in Canada reads.


See, worshipping something doesn't necessarily mean that you worship God. For example, Satanism is worshipping Satan, the Devil. Some people worship money. Or, in the last two years, we were supposed to worship "science" without asking any questions, as if it is a religion.

Do you see how it changes the whole point?

Now check this out


There is no "or" in front of "free to choose those who shall govern my country".

And this is not a small, unimportant thing, no! It changes the whole meaning. It says that I "free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong" OR I free to choose those who shall govern. See the difference? Instead of deciding for myself what is right and what is wrong, I supposedly "free to choose" SOMEONE ELSE who will make decisions about what is right and what is wrong. Someone, who will tell me then what are acceptable views and what views are unacceptable.

You do know what I mean, don't you? ;-)

See, this is how lying, deceptive people who call themselves "progressives" and "liberals" are changing the history of our great country. This is how they cheat those who arrive in this country. They say, there is no God here - you can worship whatever you like here. They say, you can delegate your judgment to some authority that will decide instead of YOU what is right and what is wrong.

This is how these corrupted, ungodly people are slowly stealing our country from us.

I am kinda proud of myself: some car mechanic in Grande Prarie, Alberta, found this. While all the liberal progressive 'intelligentsia' missed it entirely in their universities and colleges.

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1 Comment

Mar 06, 2022

This is outrageous! Changing your national anthem is one thing, after all, it is not set in stone, but changing the famous quote is nothing short of a lie if it is still assigned to a person who said the words

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