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AB automotive shop set up and equipped to cover the majority of automotive service needs: from periodic maintenance to major repairs and advanced diagnostics. We service all makes and models of cars, SUVs, minivans, light trucks, and light commercial vans (up to and including half-ton pickup trucks and vans)


A thorough vehicle condition inspection is what - ideally - the work should start with. Ask a qualified technician to assess your vehicle condition and provide a list of maintenance and repair needs of your automobile. Estimate involved expenses and evaluate the financial and practical viability of maintaining that particular vehicle. Make a plan of action and follow that plan. This is the most financially efficient, safe, and practical way of owning a motor vehicle.



AB automotive provides all kinds of work required to keep up with your vehicle's maintenance schedule and keep it running for... well, ideally forever! Oil changes, any fluid changes, replacing filters, or normally wearing parts (brakes, spark plugs, timing belts, clutches). We will help you to take care of your vehicle, so it will love you back and provide reliable service for long years to come.



So you have done all the maintenance by the book but something got broken anyway? Or maybe you neglected your vehicle and eventually, it stopped working? Or maybe some accident happened and you ended up with a broken car or truck? These things happen in life, unfortunately. Luckily though, any vehicle can be fixed and work like new again!



Electrical repairs, engine diagnostics, computer-controlled systems diagnostics, and repairs - all this is an integral part of a regular automotive repair shop operation.  We are well into the 21-st century and an automotive business that doesn't know how to work with electrical and computer-controlled systems would struggle to survive. AB automotive is well equipped to provide modern diagnostics and work with vehicle electrical and electronic systems.



Same here: A/C systems and climate control systems are the integral parts of the modern automobile and the general automotive shop better should be able to service and repair those. As a matter of fact, many other repairs are not even possible to get completed if a garage is not equipped to work with A/C systems. To me, it looks even a bit strange that people still consider this as a separate specialization. Sure, the answer is "yes" here if you ask "do you work with air conditioning systems?"

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AB automotive will source and supply all the parts, lubricants, and materials required to complete every order here. This is a part of my job and I work with numerous OEM and aftermarket suppliers, whether they are local to Grande Prarie, distant or operate online. While I won't turn you away should you decide to bring your own parts and materials I generally recommend you to leave this part of the process to me - for the best results in quality and in most cases for better pricing too.



In my work, I do not rely merely on my previous experience, memory, and learned habits. I have a hard opinion that access to the professional technical information and data, strict adherence to repair and service procedures published by OEMs, and following the best working practices are absolutely essential in order to provide the quality of service required to maintain modern automobiles. Internet access, technical information databases, diagnostic software, parts catalogs are as important tools now in this business as wrenches and sockets. If not more important, actually. This is why I have a computer terminal right by the side of my lift in the shop. This is why I pay hundreds of dollars every month for subscription-based professional information services. YouTube and internet message boards might be useful sometimes, no doubt, but those who rely only on this media are nothing but amateurs. The professional approach is not cheap, but it pays back many times over later down the road

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