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Wheel Bearing Battle

Some wheel bearings are more fun to replace than others, eh? In theory, an integrated hub assembly like this one is easy enough to replace: remove the wheel, remove the brake caliper and rotor, remove the hub nut, three or four hub bolts, remove or disconnect the ABS sensor if there is one - and pull the hub assembly out. That is, in a perfect world. In reality, though, that hub assembly almost always gets stuck in the knuckle or axle carrier. Sometimes it just needs a few good taps with a hammer to get it out, but every now and again removing the hub turns into quite a challenge. In this car, I had pretty almost all the possible troubles to deal with. Hub nut badly corroded and seized on the CV shaft threads. Hub bolts are corroded and hard to remove. Hub assembly was seized in the axle carrier and the brake back plate was seized on the hub. On top of that, there is a parking brake mechanism to deal with - or work around it. See, this is why labor cost estimates are not always that easy to provide :-)

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