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References From Friends Of Business Owners And Imaginary Customers

I tricked you into reading "testimonials", didn't I? No, I actually don't believe in using these on my business page. This marketing trick is getting old and naive. Of course, there will be no business that would put negative testimonials on its website!

Andrew Bondarenko

Even while I do have a good few very warm reviews and expressions of gratitude from my customers - and I truly enjoy getting them every time they happen - I wouldn't use them for marketing my business. It seemed like a great idea back in the years but by now it all got commercialized and mostly fake

Andrew Bondarenko, again

I believe in honesty, direct speech, and naming things the way they actually are. My "marketing program" is mostly the word-of-mouth "advertising" and keeping up my reputation where it stands. It is an outdated approach, I guess, but it works for me for years by now. So I'd rather keep it that way.

Me, again

Testimonials: Testimonials
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